About Advantage Coupons: The Home of Omaha’s Best Coupons!

Since 1994, Advantage Coupons has built the business through commitment and a concentrated focus on simply helping clients grow their businesses through the use of Omaha’s best coupons available!

Advantage Coupons has provided an efficient method for businesses of all types and sizes to reach their markets in a timely, cost effective, and targeted manner, and a way to measure the effectiveness of the advertising. We also provide clients with great value for each advertising dollar! The growth and success of the company has been because the booklets just work, as they provide a very cost effective way to get ads into target homes and have them looked at. Advantage Coupons is good for businesses or individuals who want enhanced visibility and a effective medium to market their products and services. Over 20 million booklets to date have been delivered to households with a 100% mailed on-time result.

Why Advantage Coupons advertising is so successful:

  • Each booklet has a variety of advertisements for consumables, products, and services.
  • The “magic” of Advantage Coupons advertising is their booklets have a shelf life of three months, their availability on our website, and how they are shared on our social media platforms.
  • Our booklets are convenient to use, easy to keep, and beg to be looked at.
  • The pricing available for rates are as affordable as 1¢ per household.
  • Our booklets are well known, recognized, and expected in each market area.
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